One of the strongest features of our Fairs is a high organizational level of the promotional campaign aimed at the promotion of the events in order to provide qualitative visitors of different target and age groups for the participants of the fair representing educational institutions and study programmes. 
We organize a broad range of marketing activities using different resourses. 
- Advertising and special projects in the leading Baltic news portals.
- Adverts in daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, radio and television and other mass media.
- Promotion by means of local and international social networks. 

- Sending information to local educational institutions, representatives of state and corporate sector

- Advertising the event in the local educational fairs in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. 

- Organization of presentations and seminars.

- Other ways of public relations.

In order to achieve the best results in recruiting students at our Fairs and in promoting your brand name in the Baltics we recommend the participants to use our EXTRA PROMOTION OFFERS and ADVERTISING IN THE FAIR’S GUIDE .