Free education abroad


Are you debating whether apply for schools and universities abroad? You’re searching for the perfect educational institution where you can study for free or, at least, at an affordable price?

Baltic Council for International Education can help you discover all the possibilities of obtaining secondary, vocational and higher education (undergraduate and graduate studies) abroad, while keeping in mind the possibilities of financing said studies. With us, you can easily choose from a wide range of international high schools and universities.

Secondary Schools
With Baltic Council for International Education, you can apply to public high schools in the UK, where free education is simply accessible for all the European Union citizens. We'll be glad to help you apply, as well as fill out all the necessary document guaranteeing free tuition in the British boarding high schools or post-secondary schools. Information on our state schools can be found here.

Moreover, we also represent several world-renowned private high schools and international secondary schools. Despite the fact that tuition is paid for in these schools, we help our students obtain scholarships and special offers. Information on these schools can be found on our website, in the Private Secondary Schools section.

Free higher education is available in many European countries, including Denmark and Sweden. In other countries, however, there are many financial perks set for the EU citizens, an example being the Netherlands, where tuition fees for 2020 start from just 2087 euros per year

The cost of studying in England is higher, but it’s crucial to note that all students from the EU countries have the opportunity to obtain the governmental student loan, which covers all years of education and provides an affordable repayment scheme.

Baltic Council specialises in applying to universities in countries such as Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and more. You’re interested in the student loan mentioned above? We’ll help you with all the necessary formalities.
Contact our consultants who will provide you with comprehensive information on learning abroad and applying to schools, colleges and universities of your dreams. Register for a free consultation here or contact the office of your country of residence.