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Baltic Council for International Education is delighted to offer our clients high-quality online programs.
They are not only focused around general language courses for children, older students and adults, but also provide several specialised training programs in various fields of interest.
What we offer are the top notch programs developed by the best international language schools, colleges and universities, as well as other reputable companies and organisations from all around the world, including EtonX - a platform founded by the prestigious private school Eton College.
Online courses are undoubtedly a unique method of acquiring knowledge that we highly recommend to all our students. Of course, apart from online courses, our educational consultants offer you the option of booking stationary language courses and camps, which take place in the best accredited language schools from the UK, Netherlands, USA, Malta, Cyprus, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and many more.
Baltic Council also conducts consultations regarding the application for secondary and higher education abroad.
Choose programs and services you’re interested in on our website and open yourself to the world of endless possibilities of international education, together with Baltic Council!
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