Welcome to the Baltic Council Fairs!

During the last years  the number of people from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia having chosen to get education abroad  or send their children to study abroad programmes has grown tremendously.  This tendency began in 2004 when the Baltic states joined the European Union, and is still continuing nowadays. 
The number of study abroad programmes offered by language schools for different age groups, boarding schools and colleges, state and private education providers, universities and business schools has also grown significantly to meet the increasing interest.  
The growing demand from both prospective students as well as education providers has led to the launch of unique fairs' projects, which has become one of the well-known and developed brand names for the population of the Baltic states as well as among representatives of the international education industry.  
Nowadays the educational fairs „Days of International Education” and "Exclusive Secondary Focus Fair" are the leading specialized study abroad fairs in the Baltic states. Several times a year thousands of schoolchildren and their parents, young people and adults have a chance to meet face-to-face the representatives of foreign education providers, choose a proper educational institution and achieve success in their life and careers.
For education providers our fairs are an ideal and cost-effective platform for students’ recruitment. Many educational institutions participate in our fairs annually, but some have been with us at every fair twice a year since the first event was run in 2005.
The participation in the fairs does not just give an opportunity to recruit new students but also helps education providers to develop their brand names in the Baltics. 
We look forward to welcoming you at the Baltic Council Fairs!