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We invite all students for a free, individual consultation with our experienced educational advisors and graduates of leading international universities from all over the world. There are plenty of options when it comes to the meeting; it may take place at one of our offices, by phone or Skype. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing - we can talk!

Make an appointment for a free consultation by booking a convenient date HERE.

During our meeting, we will answer all your questions and dispel any doubts. It will be an ideal opportunity to learn about the application process to universities in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and other countries. In addition, we will gladly discuss the available fields of study and talk about practical aspects such as accommodation and finances.

Why choose our support?
• You will get practical first-hand information from our educational advisors, who have graduated from universities abroad themselves.
• You can count on the support of one educational advisor throughout the entire application process - you can be sure that the person running your application truly knows everything about it!
• We are an educational agency with over 20 years of experience and thousands of students who successfully applied with us.
• Every year we visit universities and talk to the academic staff and students - we know what the strengths and weaknesses of each institution are and with that in mind we’ll be able to guide you towards the best choice.

What are the steps following the consultation?
We offer comprehensive support and guidance of an experienced educational advisor in the following processes:

• Choosing the right university and subject - did you know that foreign universities offer many interesting and interdisciplinary fields of study that you will not find anywhere else? Baltic Council uses a professional database of all available programs and we will help you choose the best one.
• Registration in application systems such as UCAS (United Kingdom), Studielink (Netherlands), or Optagelse (Denmark).
• Professional advice in writing your Personal Statement and Cover Letter - key elements of the application for universities abroad!
• We will help you complete all the required documents, and we will suggest how to fill in all the necessary forms
• We will advise you on how to write a perfect Curriculum Vitae - required by many Danish and Dutch universities
• Student loan application - tuition fees for studies in the United Kingdom can be covered by a student loan. We will explain the process and then help you fill out all the documents necessary to obtain it!
• Accommodation application - you can count on our help in the process of applying for halls accommodation
• Going abroad - in the last stage of your journey we will advise on how to prepare for departure and what to do after arrival, what formalities to take care of, how to find a part-time job and more. We will answer all your questions, dispel your doubts and support you in making such a big step in your life.

If you have any doubts or questions at any given time throughout the application process - we are here for you!

Make an appointment for a free consultation by booking a convenient date HERE.

The consultation service also applies to high school applications and to language courses bookings.

Contact us, talk to our consultants and let's start your adventure with international education together!