Applications for the new academic year

Baltic Council for International Education is happy to announce that we already start working on the applications for the next academic year. Whether you’d like to study in the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden or elsewhere— the earlier you start the better!

Some application platforms like UCAS, are already open, while others will open up soon, but regardless of it, with our help you can nail down all the important aspects of your application way ahead of time— from  choosing the right universities, through writing your Personal Statement, all the way to preparing your portfolio and references.

Why start early? Here’s a couple reasons from our consultants:

1. Applying to universities abroad is a complex and lengthy process that can be a little overwhelming at times, which is why stretching it out in time makes it so much more pleasant.

2. Your final year of secondary school is pretty stressful on its own with all the deadlines, grades, final exams and extra projects. Getting your application sorted as early as possible will let you focus on what’s important!

3. Finishing your application way before the deadline guarantees that you won’t miss it— simple as that!

Why study abroad? Check out our website! Whether it’s the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Italy or any other destination we help in applying to— there’s plenty of reasons why choose one over the other and it’s entirely up to you which one will turn out to be a clincher.

Call, email or sign up for our free consultation with our experiences consultants, who will be more than pleased to answer all your queries regarding applying and studying abroad. They’ll happily walk you through the entire process, explain all the details and help you make difficult decisions on the way.
Don’t waste any time. Simply register to a free consultation HERE or go straight to the Contact information.

Good luck and we hope to see you soon! :)