Why study in the Netherlands? Tilburg University alumni tells us his point of view


Why choose the Netherlands? I\'ve heard this question from almost every single person whom I told I was going to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Global Management of Social Issues at the university located in the land of cheese, bicycles and tulips. Some were particularly surprised with my decision, asking why I wouldn’t stay in Poland or go overseas. From the beginning, however, I had a feeling that studying in the Netherlands would be a good idea— that I would be very happy there and I would experience things worth remembering for the rest of my life - now, a couple years later it turns out that I wasn’t wrong at all. Funnily enough, I loved the small southern town of Tilburg so much, that I decided to stay for an additional year and pursue a Master’s degree at Tilburg University. These 4 years were absolutely unique and truly life-changing.

It may sound a bit cliche, but from the first day in Tilburg, I felt at home. All the people I’ve stumbled upon on my journey there, turned out to be extremely positive, open to another person and willing to help in need. Almost everyone, regardless of whether I was in the city hall, in a shop or in a restaurant, spoke English fluently - the language barrier did not exist! The beautiful international atmosphere was also present at every step there - Tilburg University is home to people from over 100 different countries and the best proof for that is the fact that you could hear languages such as Spanish, English, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, or Polish, while walking down the campus. When referring to the international atmosphere, the location of Tilburg should also be mentioned - all major cities such as Amsterdam and Brussels are only 1-2 hours away by train, which makes travelling and exploring the country extremely easy. In fact, my friends and I all agree that we have never travelled as much in our whole lives, as we did there!


But let’s get to the main point - what is student life like in the Netherlands, and at Tilburg University in particular? 

Firstly, I must admit that there is a lot of studying to do. It looks, however, completely different from anywhere else. The concept of combining theory with practice is not just some empty slogan from the marketing brochures - studying in the Netherlands really works this way! What you learn from all the experienced lecturers and practitioners during the classes, you transfer into practice thanks to the so-called \'work groups\' where you take the initiative and gain knowledge in the form of various types of discussions, debates, presentations, simulations and more. This also means that the time spent on campus will pass very quickly, and you will get a lot of genuine joy and satisfaction from learning. Moreover, all the tasks, projects and works relate to the current world events and are directly related to real life, which makes the learning process that much more interesting. In addition, very often there are guest lectures organised by the university and conducted by people working in various corporations, NGOs, and international institutions, as well as smaller companies. These events, although not compulsory, are a great opportunity to obtain first-hand information from the experienced professions, as well as to establish links and contacts that will certainly come in handy in the future when we will be looking to enter our career field. To sum this paragraph up, Tilburg University in my opinion is an institution full of true professionals - open-minded, versatile, ready to help and discuss any student\'s point of view, which makes the time spent there extremely valuable.

After the lectures, my classmates and I usually went to the university library or sat in cafes located on and off campus, all while discussing the things we’ve just learnt. Moreover, the university campus, one of a kind, is located right next to a forest and is surrounded by trees and various greenery, allowing for some relaxation in close proximity to nature. However, if passive leisure is not your thing, right next to the campus there is also a sports center full of modern equipment and experienced coaching staff. Student life is enriched by several university societies, different events, festivals and rich night-life. Overall, at the University of Tilburg, everything is designed to make you enjoy every single day of your studies. After 4 years there, I can fully recommend the Netherlands as a place for both undergraduate and graduate studies, which you probably already concluded from the fond way I write about my time there.

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