How to productively survive the lockdown - a guide for students, young professionals and more!


Over the past months, we\'ve all had a chance to get used to living in isolation. Is functioning from the 'comfort of your own house' keeping you motivated during this difficult time? Or rather not? Are you trying to figure out how how to spend this time productively? It should go without saying that in times of crisis we should not demand peak efficiency from ourselves, but if in the meantime you have to pass a semester, finish a work project, or complete an essay for college - this short guide is for you!

We hope that you will find some valuable advice and inspiration below and our article will help you  turn the quarantine into a time of self-development. Remember… we're all in this together! :)


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Planners, calendars, reminders, or to-do lists; make use of everything that can help you establish your daily routine. Without a pre-imposed schedule of activities or working hours, it is easy to fall into bad habits of getting up at noon and spending the whole day watching TV in your pyjamas. Another trick to avoid that is trying to get up and fall asleep at similar times every day, which will regulate your biological clock and you will end up having more energy to study or work during the day. If deadlines are approaching - mark them on the calendar and put them in a visible place. Include designated time to work on a given project or study a certain subject in your daily schedule - and set reminders on your phone if you tend to forget. However, do not forget, under any circumstances, to reserve at least an hour during the day to relax— you’ll find more in that regard in the last point of this guide.

As for planning, we need to remember that the current situation will not last forever and life will return to normal sooner or later. Keeping this in mind, do not forget to plan your future - including your higher education! Take advantage of our free consultation on the topic of undergraduate and graduate programmes abroad, and think about your studies with us! We will help you in choosing your future educational path and answer all the questions you might have. If you want to chat with us about the possibility of studying at a foreign university, book a free online consultation HERE.

Expand your language skills

As an educational agency, we are aware of the key skill in today's job market— fluency in foreign languages! Quarantine is the perfect time to improve your skills. Of course, don't expect to learn a whole new language in just a few weeks - it's unrealistic and quite stressful. However, devoting even a handful minutes a day to working on your vocabulary or learning new grammatical forms will surely bear fruit even after just a few weeks. With the help of modern technology you can easily access the lessons of all the world's languages, so if you’re eager to do so - go for it!

Baltic Council for International Education offers several high-quality online programmes. They include foreign language courses for pupils, senior students and adults, as well as specialised training programmes in various professional fields. Contact us for more details and sign up now.

Quality space matters

Nothing dulls your motivation more than a messy work or study space. Take care of good lighting, get a comfortable chair with appropriate height and ergonomic profile, and make sure your desk is tidy and clean. Get rid of everything that distracts you; unnecessary papers, constant social media notifications on the laptop or loud music. Remember to regularly let the fresh air come into the room you work in - it really does wonders! And absolutely never work in bed— sooner or later your eyelids will start to get heavy, and you won't be able to do much.

For body and soul

Remember that the better you feel, the better you function in every aspect of ​​life, so do not ever forget to properly nourish your body and head. Nutritious meals and the right amount of water are the basics that we certainly do not need to explain. In your free time take advantage of the possibility to practice outdoor sports - yoga in the garden or a walk in a nearby park is always a good idea. By taking care of yourself, you guarantee yourself more energy to perform everyday tasks related to school and work. Remember, however, that spending the whole day “slacking off" in pyjamas can also be a form of taking care of yourself, so allow yourself to do absolutely nothing from time to time; read books, watch movies, browse social media. After all, quarantine is not a productivity competition, and each of us deals with the new situation in our own way.


We are sending you lots of serenity and peace during this uncertain time. Good luck!
The Baltic Council for International Education team