Study abroad



Baltic Council for International Education offers its clients various study abroad opportunities – language courses, secondary, professional and higher education, professional development programmes for teachers and specialists of companies and organizations. 

Our partners include:
- World known language schools for adults. 
- International language schools for 7-18 y.o. schoolchildren.
- Private schools and colleges.
- State schools and colleges.
- Universities and higher education establishments.
- Business schools
- Executive centres
- Summer camps
- Guardianship companies.
If you look for an appropriate educational institution or study programmes and you would like to get an advice on your further studies, please contact us.  
If you represent an educational institution and are interested in cooperation with us by participating in the fairs, organizing the presentations and seminars, please contact us for further details. 
The detailed information about study abroad programmes is available in our homepage in the  Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian languages.