Go higher with Baltic Council placement service.


Baltic Council has many years of experience in placing schoolchildren and students at well-known private and state boarding schools; independent colleges, universities and other higher education institutions.

Our schools and colleges placement services include:
- information about schools and entry requirements;
- personalized selection of schools based on individual needs of a family and a child;
- organization of assessments, entry tests, exams and interviews;
- communication with schools on behalf of parents;
- organization of school visits;
- joint preparation of reports and references, confirmation of acceptance, quardianship services, joint monitoring of a child’s school progress;
- university placement advice.

University placement service (undergraduate, postgraduate) includes:
- analysis of academic abilities and personal data of a student;
- presenting information about higher education institutions, including rankings and entry requirements;
- choosing the right degree course taking into account personal interests, ambitions, future career goals, dates & conditions, prices, etc;
- assistance in the application process including the preparation of personal statements, IELTS Prep & Exams, interviews, famtrips, presentations, seminars and fairs.

Please contact us if you need a professional advice and free consultations: ,
+ 371 67317627 (Riga), + 372 6998300 (Tallinn); + 370 5 269 00 56 (Vilnius); +48 576 382 088 (Warsaw).