What is Aptis?

Aptis is a flexible, fair and authoritative test which provides an accurate and reliable assessment of ability in English.

Performance is internationally benchmarked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and this makes it easy to see where improvement is needed, allowing English courses or training to be tailored accordingly.

Aptis is a fantastic opportunity to check your knowledge of English before taking IELTS or Cambridge English tests.

Aptis variants:
You can customise the tests to be specific to your needs making the results relevant, reliable and accurate.

Aptis General
Aptis General is the foundational assessment test. This can be customised to your business or organisational needs, for example to cover specific industries (e.g. business, travel, tourism) as well as the skills you want to test.

Aptis for Teachers
Aptis for Teachers is designed specifically for those working in education to help raise the teaching quality in your organisation.

Aptis for Teens
Aptis for Teens is a general English language test aimed at 13-15 year olds. It has been designed to meet the needs of younger language learners in developing their English language skills.